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Energy-efficient OLED light is poised to revolutionize the designed environment— for good. Short for organic light emitting diode, OLED light is manufactured from earth-friendly, recyclable material into wafer-thin panels that can be sized, manipulated, bent, and dimmed in infinite ways. Its light quality is extraordinary: soft, rich, and warm, like natural light, which makes OLED light a powerful counter to the flood of blue light invading our world from screens these days. OLED light represents a transformative moment for businesses, consumers, and the environment.

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Which white

why the lumen should no longer dictate a lights worth

According to Dr. Christopher Cuttle, lecturer in Advanced Lighting Design at the Queensland University of Technology, the lumen should no longer be the single-defining factor – and we agree.

Proactive Health Through Light Design

Many artificial light sources have too much or too little blue light, which impacts one’s circadian rhythm negatively.

New Peerless Olessence

In partnership with OLEDWorks, Acuity Brands recently introduced their redesigned version of the Peerless® Olessence™.

Human Centric Lighting

OLED lighting distinguishes itself in the HCL category - as it creates a safe, comfortable environment for everyone.

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