OLED Manufacturer OLEDWorks Announces it is the Supplier for the Audi A8

This morning, OLEDWorks announced at the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting (ISAL) that it is the official supplier for the digital OLED taillights in the updated Audi A8. OLEDWorks announced their predevelopment collaboration with Audi in May of 2019, and this is the first confirmation of a commercial vehicle that contains OLEDWorks lighting technology. Team members from OLEDWorks and Audi can both be found at this year’s ISAL conference from April 4-6 in Darmstadt.

The 2022 A8 model includes digital OLED tail lights as a standard feature, and offers up to four different light signatures across the model range. OLEDWorks aims to “increase safety on the road and energize the consumer experience” through their collaboration with automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.

Read an excerpt of the press release below for quotes by representatives at OLEDWorks and Audi.

“The OLED panels are put through an arduous reliability and performance testing process which, depending on testing requirements, could take up to three years to complete,” says David DeJoy, CEO at OLEDWorks. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see the product on the road and we’re looking forward to our continued partnership for future vehicles.”

OLEDWorks Panels in Audi A8
Image courtesy of Audi Media Center

Dr. Michael Kruppa, Head of Lighting Innovations at Audi says “Digital OLED as a standard feature in the Audi A8 is a great achievement coming from our strategic focus on this unique technology. Audi was the first manufacturer to digitize the rear lights that turns them into a display and opens up new potential in terms of styling, personalization and safety.”

Read the full press release: OLEDWorks is Supplier of Digital OLED Tail Lights in the updated Audi A8

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