About Illuminate Humanity

OLED lighting is beautiful. It’s quiet. Understated. Flattering. And helps reduce people’s exposure to blue light. OLED recaptures a quality of light that makes everything easy on the eyes. Soft. Pleasant. Earth-friendly. People-focused. It does more than illuminate our world. It sparks the imagination.

OLED lighting is like bending a sheet of light in your hands—which creates a whole new world of possibilities for architects and designers. A world with greater creative freedom. Fewer limitations. And the light quality is extraordinary: soft, rich, and warm. Which makes it a powerful counter to the flood of blue light invading our world from screens these days. OLED mimics natural light and minimizes blue light, known to adversely affect people’s health. Plus, its organic origin makes OLED light easy to recycle without endangering the environment.


Health + Wellness

We’re drawn to warm light. Just like leaves on a tree turn toward the sun. There is growing concern about the health impact of blue light from screens and fixtures. Blue light tampers with our sleep and wake rhythm. OLED mimics sunlight, with minimal blue light. It’s more conducive to the rhythm of people.

Design Freedom

The world craves new design potential. OLED light meets that need. We’re drawn to fresh design directives in the market. With a wafer-thin format, OLED light is the new direction. OLED panels are fundamentally organic and are made into wafer thin panels that can take any shape. Light no other light one earth. It does more than light the world, it sparks imagination.

Environmental Impact

Today, there is increasing urgency to address pollution. OLED light is earth friendly. Landfills are filling up with toxic spent bulbs, but organic light is long lasting and does not require a thermal heat sink which has one of the highest environmental impacts in the manufacturing and disposal process of inorganic LEDs. Technology meets sustainability.