Attention Business Owners: New OLED Luminaire Gives Hope for Employee Wellbeing

Commercial office spaces are notorious for harsh lighting that negatively impacts productivity, as well as causes discomfort to its occupants. Many employees complain about leaving work with headaches due to the flickering, overly bright lights.

Acuity Brands poses a solution to this problem in the form of a newly designed OLED luminaire: Peerless® Olessence™.

In partnership with OLEDWorks, Acuity Brands recently introduced their redesigned version of the Peerless® Olessence™. According to the Vice President Architectural Ambient Lighting at Acuity Brands Tim O’Brien, “The Olessence redesign compared to the predecessor model has improved features and qualities with a slimmer, more modern form factor.”

Why is this OLED luminaire unique? The redesigned Olessence is positioned to become the ultimate lighting option for office spaces. Acuity smartly chose to combine LED with the beauty, elegance and safety of OLED, in one ultra-thin, lightweight design. This means business owners can give their employees a functional light that will not interfere with their focus.

Read on to learn more about the fixture, its ideal applications, and where you can buy it.



Relaunching Olessence with a New Design – A Slim, Linear Luminaire for Performance and Ambiance

Originally published at Acuity Brands by Monica Weglicki

Acuity Brands (NYSE: AYI) introduces Peerless® Olessence™, a redesigned slim profile linear luminaire for indoor architectural spaces. The new Olessence luminaire is the outcome of a partnership with OLEDWorks. Using panels from OLEDWorks in luminaires provides for bright, uniform light that creates a soft and inviting ambiance. Continuing its legacy of Duet SSL™ technology, Olessence creates an elegant indirect/direct, high-lumen performance luminaire, which incorporates and maximizes the strengths of organic LED (OLED) and LED sources.

The OLED panel produces direct light diffused for comfort, ambient tasks and applications, while the LEDs distribute focused and strong indirect uplighting for general illumination. These two light sources work in harmony within the luminaire. Peerless has also added a new indirect Olessence luminaire to the product line, which features recessed optics that are obscured from view. The indirect option works as a standalone uplight or as companion luminaire to create a high volume of light in a space.

“Olessence blends the Peerless legacy of high-quality, performance luminaires with evolving technologies like OLED in an elegant thin-edged linear form,” said Tim O’Brien, Vice President Architectural Ambient Lighting at Acuity Brands.

Olessence luminaires feature an ultra-slim form factor that is now 4.5 inches wide by 0.5 inches in edge thickness. It was designed for commercial office spaces including conference rooms, open office spaces and other indoor locations with long, high traffic hallways. The Peerless Olessence offers the following features:

  • Minimizes ceiling application disruptions – clean, thin lines and overall slimmer form factor that will not interfere with design aesthetic
  • Has uniformed, wide-angled and controlled batwing optics for comfortable general illumination
  • Eliminates direct glare from the light source, making it ideal for task and ambient light applications
  • Gives the illusion of light floating in space from power-over-aircraft cable mounting
  • Is available in three different linear run lengths from 4ft, 6ft and 8ft for longer runs without limitation
  • Is available in white, black and painted aluminum finishes to blend into the architectural environment

“The Olessence redesign improves on the best features and qualities of its predecessor models with a slimmer, more modern form factor. We are proud to have OLEDWorks as our exclusive provider of OLED panels for this luminaire. The enhanced bright, evenly diffused illumination will be noticed and appreciated by lighting designers and specifiers alike,” said O’Brien.

“Great lighting design considers all variables of how lighting impacts those using the space including lumens, glare, blue light hazard risk and visual comfort,” said John Holland, Chief Revenue Officer at OLEDWorks. “The Olessence luminaire embraces the human-centric features of OLED technology and maximizes lumen output all within a paper-thin profile, resulting in a highly impressive design. We couldn’t be happier with the result!”

To learn more about Olessence luminaires, please contact your local lighting representative or visit the Peerless webpage.

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