OLED Rear Lighting Comes Standard in Audi’s New A8 Design

Last week, Audi announced their newly redesigned and upgraded A8 vehicle, featuring the latest OLED rear lighting technology standard in each model. Read an excerpt of Audi’s press release on the A8 below to learn more.


As the successor to the Audi V8, the A8 has been the brand’s leading edge in the luxury sedan segment of Audi’s portfolio since 1994. The Audi A8 is a symbol of and a trailblazer for the status and prestige of the brand. With precision in all details and many intelligent functions, the new A8 is a high-value technology pioneer in user-centered and confident mobility.

OLED rear lighting animation in the Audi A8 L – Courtesy of Audi Media Center

The enhanced A8 comes with digital OLED rear lights (OLED = organic light-emitting diode) as a standard feature. When ordering the car, there are two rear light signatures to choose from – three with the S8. When the “dynamic” Audi drive select mode is chosen, the lights change to a wider signature that is only available in that mode.

In conjunction with the assistance systems, the digital OLED rear lights have a proximity indication feature: if another vehicle comes within two meters (6.6 ft.) of a stationary A8 from behind, all the OLED segments are activated. Additional functions include dynamic turn signals as well as coming home and leaving home sequences.


OLED rear lighting in the new A8 L – Courtesy of the Audi Media Center


Learn how “the A8 defines what premium means” in an interview with Oliver Hoffmann, Member of the Board for Technical Development at Audi.

Read the full release – Sharpened design and innovative technologies for the flagship: the enhanced Audi A8.

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