OLED Lighting is Preparing for Take-off

Spinnaker – Flexible OLED Light


No, OLED lights are not about to sprout wings and fly. Rather, OLED lights are going to soon take to the skies in commercial aircraft for passengers to fly comfortably and safely.

With the automotive industry successfully incorporating OLED technology into their vehicles, it was only a matter of time before other transportation sectors began to follow in their steps. Beadlight’s Spinnaker Flexible OLED Light is taking the lead to bring flexible OLED light to the aerospace industry and has already been shortlisted for the Crystal Cabin Award for 2020.

This new technology is the perfect addition to aircraft brands who wish to provide a superior experience in both comfort and visual appeal. “The large ultra-thin window of light helps create a warm ambiance and relaxation within the seat environment,” according to their website. Having an OLED lit environment during a long flight, especially during overnight hours, would help those keep passenger’s circadian rhythm intact, thanks to the absence of harmful blue light waves that keep your mind awake.

Not only is this new technology visually appealing, but it also includes standard flight safety features as well. For example, have you ever noticed that the pilot turns off lights during takeoff and landings?

The reasoning for that is if a pilot must make an emergency maneuver during take-off or landing during the night that requires passengers to quickly disembark the aircraft, everyone will have already had their eyes adjusted to the darkness of night, leading to quicker responsiveness.

The large ultra-thin window of light helps create a warm ambiance and relaxation within the seat environment.

– Beadlight


Having OLED lights incorporated into one of the largest transportation methods on the planet would be a major advancement for OLED lighting and would bring a massive amount of additional benefits to flight travel.

Spinnaker – Flexible OLED Light

Originally published on Beadlight| Beadlight.com 

This light which was shortlisted for the Crystal Cabin Awards 2020, incorporates the newest OLED flexible LED technology which is yet to be brought to the commercial aircraft ambient lighting environment. The ultra-thin OLED panel offers a large beautifully diffused light window.

The large ultra-thin window of light helps create a warm ambience and relaxation within the seat environment. The base houses a capacitive switch that offers different brightness levels and the electronic design is designed to enable CANBus control allowing all lights to be centrally controlled in the cabin when needed.

Signature ambient lights are increasing in use in the premium cabins as a way for airlines to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

This light is an eye-catching feature to any seat environment. Airlines can show their customers they are at the forefront of lighting technology with a product that is utilising the latest technology.

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