Newest OLED Light Ambassador MM Design Edition Shares Thoughts on OLED Lighting

Prototype Ombrellone 3 OLED Light Fixture


Welcome reader! This is Ryan at We would love to introduce our second OLED Light Ambassador, MM Design Edition.

MM Design Edition focuses on “less is more” when it comes to their designs and lighting fixtures. An OLED lighting panel’s thin nature has opened up a whole new opportunity for them and they are ready to push their business further into the OLED lighting industry.

We asked a series of questions to Mario Taepper, designer for MM Design Edition.  We asked him for his honest opinion on the possibilities and current roadblocks surrounding OLED lighting adoption.

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Topside Ombrellone OLED Light Fixture


When you first worked with an OLED light panel, what were your thoughts? Were you surprised by anything?

I was very surprised by the light itself! The illumination from the panel, when compared to how thin it was, was amazing. When working with it, it allowed me to expand my horizons and have a totally different thinking in design.

That is amazing to hear. We get that reaction a lot! So how do you think OLED lighting panels have allowed you to expand your design?

I think it really has helped me expand my design opportunities. It was a challenge, and I am excited to be able to take it on and see what I can do with OLED lighting.

Speaking of challenges, how do you feel that OLED lighting will impact your business and customers?

For me OLED lighting is very good alternative to LED. However, if it will take the entire place of LED, I do not know. It depends where OLED’s are going to be more flexible in design. Decisive is where the production rate is going and where is the pricing going.

We appreciate your honesty! While we advocate OLED lighting, we also want to note that we think LED and OLED should be complimentary of one another. On another note, OLED lighting is very quickly closing the gap between pricing, production, and efficiency of LED and will soon become a competitive rival in lighting solutions.

Is there anything you want to talk about with your company or share any last thoughts on OLED lighting?

Yes, it has been fun to make my designs as simple as possible, but nevertheless aesthetically beautiful with OLED panels. I am formed by the Bauhaus philosophy. Trying with few means to find the best solution and making sure your design is never boring. Simple also means to take the price into consideration. We must come to better prices, because I think this one of the main reasons for customers to buy or not to buy.


We are confident that OLED lighting will become competitive in more than just the overall price. While we believe that price is a factor, the lighting industry is leaning toward the health, design, and sustainability of lighting. That is where the advantage of OLED lighting comes into play.
Thank you, Mario! We are excited to see more of your designs in the future.

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