Inuru OLED Light Technology Helps Coca Cola Win Gold Awards for Star Wars Campaign

What felt like a long time ago, in a galaxy not so far, far away, OLED lighting forged a conflict on a scale that the world has never seen. The Light and the Dark, brought together in a battle for…ok, ok, we’ll stop with the dramatic intro. We just love Star Wars. On that note, Happy New Year to everyone. We’re excited to post our first blog of the new year, and it’s a (inter)stellar one!

OLED lighting technology helps light up the Lightsabers of Rey and Kylo Ren in these limited edition Coca Cola bottles.


Back in 2019, Coca Cola partnered with Disney to create a unique promotion for the movie Star Wars: Rise of SkywalkerLimited edition Coca Cola bottles, featuring Rey (no spoilers!) and Kylo Ren, the faces of the Light Side and the Dark Side. To truly make the Coca Cola bottles special and unique, the Lightsabers on the bottles’ label lit up when the bottle was held. How could a paper-thin label light up? OLED Lighting technology, by Inuru, is how.

This incredible campaign featuring OLED lighting technology led Coca Cola to winning 6 Gold Awards during the Marketing Excellence Awards 2020, including Event Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Viral Marketing and more.

Check out their incredible journey to a galaxy beyond our own and how OLED lighting technology made it possible. Make sure to subscribe to our blog for more epic content like this!

Coca Cola wins 6 Gold Awards and Marketing Innovator of the Year 2020 Award with Inuru technology.

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Coca Cola wins 6 Gold Awards at the Marketing Excellence Awards 2020 for the “Galactic Bottles” and Lim Kean Yew becomes the Marketing Innovator of the year.

Singapore – On December 11th, 2020 the Marketing Excellence Award was presented for the ninth time. The Award is the premier platform for marketers in Singapore.

A jury of world class marketing and communications experts has selected the winners in 41 categories. The Coca-Cola Company has been awarded with six Gold Awards and one special Award for Lim Kean Yew, Marketing Communications Director at Coca-Cola Singapore, who has become the “Marketing Innovator of the Year” for the “Galactic Bottles”.

Lim Kean Yew was responsible for the „Galactic Bottles“ from Coca Cola, which were launched in 2019 in Singapore together with Disney, related to the release of the latest episode of the “Star Wars” saga. The bottle have been realised with Inuru electronic labels.

What is so special about the Inuru electronic OLED labels?

At first glance, the label on the bottle itself cannot be distinguished from the other products. Only when the customer takes the bottle off the shelf the light sabers starts to shine on the label. This surprising effect made fans waiting for 24hours in line to get a pair of these.

The bottles were realised with Inuru’s fully customisable and recyclable electronic label technology. The paper-thin technology lights up in certain places requested by customers. The light effect can be activated by touch, movement or music.

We care about our Planet. Organic LED (short OLED) is the only display and lighting technology not using rare earths, whose mining by fracking creates toxic sludge polluting the environment,” states the Inuru technology page. ” The development of our OLED technology took seven years. Plus OLED is thin, enabling our film type computers, and the simple integration on top of fabricated parts without changing the product iself.”

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