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What is the program about?

It’s no surprise that word of mouth, referrals and influencers play a massive role in making your business successful. We want to do our part by recognizing and driving awareness for your business as a key member of the OLED lighting world! In turn, you are bringing original ideas and content to to help us and OLED lighting technology grow, too!

OLED Light Ambassadors are small and medium size companies or brands that have used OLED lighting in their designs and fixtures. These key companies are the front line for OLED lighting on a consumer level.  

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What do I need to do?

The goal of OLED Light is to raise awareness of the incredible benefits and possibilities of OLED lighting. By leveraging your expertise to write a piece of content for our blog, you can help us achieve this mission, while we help promote you as a key member of the OLED lighting movement.

You can write your own content that discusses something related to OLED lighting or we can provide you a few open ended questions that you can answer however you wish. Either way, we will publish your content on our website in the form of a blog post, promote it to the world, and more.

You can contribute as much content as you want, as often as you want! 

What do I get for contributing?

In addition to publishing your content on our website, we will create your own profile section on the website (coming soon in 2021), include a badge on any article published with us, AND a recognition badge for you to place on your website, email signatures, social, or anything else you wish!

The article, badges, and profile section will show the world that you are dedicated to OLED lighting and that you are a contributor to its overall awareness. This will increase your creditability in OLED light technology.

We will also promote the article and the content you shared to our email subscribers, our social channels, and our website. We may even have a surprise for you later on down the road…but more to come on that in the future. Stay tuned!

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From architecture to automotive to hospitality, the applications for OLED light are virtually limitless. Be the first to get updates about how this technology is influencing the future of your profession.

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